A interesting article about the public face of engineers. Does any kid WANT to grow up to be Dilbert? :ahh: MacGyver?

What is currently on TV that shows engineers and engineering in a favorable light?

Why on TV do engineers live by themselves and never get the girl? :wink:

I had this discussion with my teacher the other day when I wanted to do a short little script on engineers thing but we came to the conclusion that engineering isn’t really a TV thing.
parts of engineering are and can be incorparated, like the Mythbusters. Engineering can be successfully incorparated into shows, just not a show only about engineering, it would be more successful if there were an engineer in an ensemble cast like Friends.

So… maybe I can convince one of my friends to write a script and present it to a producer when we go to LA next summer.
I will bring it up that it is wanted and would be liked in the engineering community.

Dilbert is my hero and Wally rules! :cool:

If you mean fiction, none that I know of. In the reality genre, Mythbusters comes to mind.

Because TV shows are written by liberal arts majors who are clueless and can’t be bothered to explore below the stereotypes they’ve created? They were probably the “cool” kids in HS who made themselves feel good by putting down the future engineers.

And the winner of the Best Quote of 2007 about trying to make engineering more understandable and accessible to the average American teenager goes to…