Engineers looking for a team--

Hi all-

I am a previous competitor (Team 219 in 2004), and currently employed in the tech field. The company I work for is a large one, so we have a whole bunch of RCGs (Recent college grads), and other engineers who are interested in helping out a team.

Does anyone know of a team in the Hillsboro Oregon area that could benefit from the help of a few good engineers?

Glad to see you’re back :slight_smile: (I did som CD digging, looked at old posts. I’m not a stalker I swear)

I don’t know of any teams personally but I did do a search on FIRST’s website for you. is a list of the teams in Oregon that would like mentoring. is a list of ALL the teams in Oregon.

Thanks! I didn’t think to look there, lol.

I also looked back at my old posts and realized how little I knew back then…

Hopefully my group can help out a team. If there is any team that wants any help in the area that is around here, let me know as well.

Also, contact our regional director, Deb Mumm-Hill at She’s from Oregon and is enormously helpful.

Thanks! Email sent.

So teams tend not to update the whole Mentor/Mentee field so i would just ask any team nearby if they need help regardless of that status.

From looking up the Oregon contacts on Mentor search, here is what I found,

Also if you register you can get contact information for Dale Yocum in Portland. He is listed on the Mentor Search database.

Thanks all for the help! We ended up finding that one of the teams is tht was on the ‘needs a mentor’ list is actually sponsored by the company I work for, and they REALLY need mentors this year, so we’ll most likely join them.

Its a 2nd year team that is actually run by Alum from my company and such, so it ends up working well.