EngiNERDs - Team 2337 - 2020 Robot Reveal

EngiNERDs - Team 2337 2020 Robot “Legacy” release video will drop on our YouTube channel at 5:17pm. Stay tuned.


Glad to see more teams are adopting swerve. It is easier than ever to have one now days.

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Salute to the fallen. I’m sure they’re looking from beyond the pastures of FRC with pleasure at all these teams doing swerve.

The 1717 clout is strong with this one


Well done! I am looking forward to watching that robot at St Joe


Big F for respect to 1717. Looks gorgeous :heart_eyes:


This isn’t a bullet bill hammer launcher…


Mad cool. Great job!


Where the hooks at on that elevator?


Can we get some insight as to the strategy behind not going under the trench?

4 Main Reasons:

  • Higher Shot Angle
  • Easier to package and move 5 Balls through the robot
  • Easier Climber
  • CP Device doesn’t have to move up and down

5th Reason: Everyone else is going low so why do we.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” - E. F. Schumacher


In 2012 mecanums or vectored intake wheels were very rare and teams had to be way more creative with centering intakes or just ignored the centering aspect and relied on driver skill or something else to get the balls into the center of the robot.
In 2020 so many teams are using mecanums to center the ball outside the robot before getting to a bumper gap and intaking the ball into the robot.
You obviously took inspiration from 1717 in 2012 who had no centering mechanism on their intake, was it a conscious decision to not add the ability to center balls and had a wider intake? Did you not want an external deploying intake? Did you think that driver skill was enough to rely on, especially with swerve?


This video makes me want to do swerve. It’s mainly the dark side theme, but the robot is cool too.


The hooks attach to the Red Uprights and were not shown in the video. We are getting them back from Water Jet and will be put on the robot this weekend.

Yes, it was a conscious decision to not add an external intake on our robot. We believe with the Swerve and the advancement of Vision Tracking (Balls) that we will not need an external intake for centering the balls. Also, when you don’t have an external intake you don’t have to worry about it breaking due to Robot on Robot Contact.


Love the dual intakes!

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Nice clean looking 'bot Nerds! Looking forward to seeing you at St. Joe!

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What are your shooter wheels?

Obviously I can’t speak for 2337 - but one thing to keep in mind is that having a centering mechanism on the intake only helps if your ball path past the intake is one ball wide the whole way through. An intake that leads to an open hopper like 2337 (or 1717, for that matter) does not get any value from centering. They have to find a way to index and unjam balls anyway.

It’s also worth noting that centering intakes are not bulletproof solutions with zero compromises. They are a tradeoff and decision just like any other.


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