'Enhanced IO Missing' error

I’m trying to implement the Cyprus module in our code, but have not yet gotten it to work. After many errors trying to implement it myself, I used the default Java code ‘EnhancedIOSampleProject.’ However, when I download the code and enable the robot, I get the print statement “Enhanced IO missing” several times per second. I have updated the module to v2 code, and have all the DriverStation and cRIO updates. In the operator’s console the IO module light is green, the Digital Input indicators respond to the inputs on the Cyprus module. I can’t for the life of me figure out why the module isn’t working. Any help is greatly appreciated.

The cypress module supports either compatibility I/O (implemented in the DriverStation class) or enhanced I/O (implemented in the DriverStationEnhanced I/O class). Since you are using the enhanced I/O example, did you choose enhanced I/O on the I/O tab of the driver station?

That worked perfectly, thank you :slight_smile: