Hi to all of you guys, I’m new here…
A friend of mine gave me this enigma to do, written in excel but I can’t attach .xls file more than 101.8 KB here.

There is an infinite amount of tables (Table1, Table 2, Table 3, Table 100, Table 101…), with ten rows (row 0,1,2,…9) in each.
Inside each table is numbers 1 to 92, 93 and 184, 185 to 276, and 277 to 284 which lie on their certain rows.

Here I gave the example tables that have been filled in for 40 tables. By finding the patterns/ formulas, my friend asked me to extend the tables to fill in the blank tables 41,42,43,etc as given beneath of Table 40.

If these tables are using permutations from an ideal table that you can see beneath Table 43 (supposed the ideal table was right), then how do you find the formula for its permutation?