Entech 281 Code Posted to Google Code

I am the programming mentor for team 281. I have started posting our previous season’s code up on google code. Why google-code? Google supports FIRST and google code supports mercurial. We have been using for several years now and I didn’t want to lose our code history.

The projects are entech2013 and entech2014. So what’s in there:

  1. We are (still) using the IterativeRobot class in C++.
  2. We have a RobotSubsystem interface for any robot system that needs to get called during the Init, Periodic, or Continuous portions of the IterativeRobot loops.
  3. The 2013 code allowed very low subsystems to register themselves with the main robot and the main robot would call them. I’m thinking of returning to this organization for this years robot.
  4. Our autonomous state machine. Really just a big case statement. If I go back a few more seasons, there’s a more generic (but
  5. An OperatorButton class that provides a single interface into the Cypress buttons and the Joystick buttons. There is a GetBool() method for pressed/not pressed, but it also has a Get() method which returns 4 states: kReleased, kPressed, kJustPressed, and kJustReleased. This class is probably the easiest for another team to use (unchanged) in their code.

I would be interested in any comments/suggestions for any of the code.