Entire Project Error

Our project is broken due to this wiring error, I can no longer connect any wires to our Begin.VI anyone know what this could be?

Screenshot: https://ibb.co/cDtVdv

Thank you

Go into your Begin file and create an Error Out box on the front panel.

In the top right of the Begin, there should be a hatched white box that allows you to wire front panel items as an input or output. Click the bottom right white box, then click the Error Out item.

Go back to Robot Main and relink that wire to the Error Out terminal on Begin.

You deleted the error out from Begin (and you thought it wasn’t doing anything…).

Error in and out were already there

Delete the broken line. Rewire it to each VI, one by one. When it goes broken, you’ve found the problem. Someone deleted an Error In OR Error Out from one of those VI’s.

To replace it, just copy it from any VI, and paste it. Right click on it and change it to a control or indicator (depending on whether it’s in or out), then connect it via the connector pane. Save the VI.