Entire red alliance disabled after collision with alliance wall

During this playoff match, around the 40 second mark a blue robot collided with the red alliance wall, dislodging electronics and killing all red robots. Despite this red alliance won so no red cards or anything were given.

Has anyone ever seen something like this happen before? Is there a precedent for penalties in this situation? It was absolutely wild to watch from the stands, nobody had any idea what happened until later.


We had something related to this at buckeye regional except we were on the fortunate side of things. An opposing alliance robot slammed into their own driver station knocking off their kill switch in the station onto the ground. The match was replayed as a result and was marked as a field fault. I would assume this would also be considered a field fault, but every staff and venue is different.


I think that if the red alliance would have lost because of this the match would have been replayed due to a field fault. The blue alliance didn’t do anything illegal here so they shouldn’t get penalized or carded, but the red alliance did not want to replay a match that they just won either.


Milford had a similar incident in the first play of qual 63, around 3:03:37 in the stream. This isn’t particular common, but it would almost always be considered a field power issue (similar to a tripped circuit breaker, which has also happened before). I’ve never seen it penalized, and I could only imagine it being penalized if done deliberately somehow.

It is a field fault, but a field fault doesn’t guarantee a replay per section 11.3 (quoted for convenience):

By the time the FTA consults with the head ref in the West Michigan match above, there are only about 10 seconds left in the match, and red still has a strong lead. Aborting the match would delay the event and put more wear and tear on the robots, so I think the decision to wait for the match to end before making a decision was reasonable. Since it wasn’t a qualification match, the only thing that would affect the outcome of the match was who won/lost, and the affected alliance (red) still won.


I was watching this and was surprised that it was allowed to stand. With 40 seconds remaining it was a stretch but could red have committed fouls or or could a touch in the hanger have changed the final point totals? One red robot was near the blue hangar when the red side died. Who knows what might have happened?

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Yeah, it was definitely nerve wracking to watch, especially since it was the first time this season our robot died on the field (turns out not the last time either lol).

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We were setting up for the next match. No robots were connecting. The FTA came over and plugged in a cable to the large box under drive station 2.

Most likely was dislodged from the hit to the alliance wall.

Everyone connected very fast after that.


We (3128) had something like this at Port Hueneme - 4400’s auto went crazy and ran into our wall and our whole driver station was knocked off (including the computer!)
edit: we had velcro connecting our driver station to the console, it just wasn’t strong enough

Watch the red side and the middle robot, and also watch our robot’s auto (lower red) decelerate and not finish the turn a bit after the hit to the wall

We had a USB-C connector plugged into ethernet to connect to the FMS at a bit of a weird angle, so the USB-C wire was a bit tilted and when the driver station fell our USB-C port on the computer got bent/broken inside. Possibly same with our regular USB ports connected to our joysticks. We regained connection during the match for some reason, but our USB-C port was still bad so we lost ethernet connection to the FMS a couple times.

We didn’t know at the time that the port was the problem, so we played two more matches with this and I think we had other disconnects - at lunch we swapped to my computer and put lots of extra velcro everywhere and didn’t have the problem again. (although my computer’s casing broke a couple times due to the velcro force being too much)

We also bought a new driver station and used that for San Diego Regional, which thankfully did not break


This would not be considered an Arena Fault because FIRST expects the team to secure their Operator Console with the provided hook-and-loop tape

From Arena 5.6.1 in the game manual.

There is a 4 ft. 6 in. (~137 cm) long by 2 in. (nominal) wide strip of
hook-and-loop tape (“loop” side) along the center of the support shelf that may be used to secure the OPERATOR CONSOLE to the shelf.

This looks like the SCC ethernet trunk was disconnected, which would disconnect the Driver Stations from FMS.

This would be an Arena Fault. But per Tournament 11.3, this is not a reply candidate because it did not affect the outcome of the match.

Do you have the recording of this match (61)? We were on your alliance and wanted to watch it but they replaced it with the replay.

Blue could have question boxed this, but it’s a hard case to make when you kill all three opposing robots and still lose.

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Here’s the original Qual 61 from Buckeye.

Match starts around 0:19; crash around 1:50. If you watch carefully in the bottom right, you can see the e-stop button departing the shelf.

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i was a driver on the red alliance in this match, and our robot was right over by the blue launchpad when we died. The blue robots definitely could have drawn penalties on us, but graciously chose to continue to play like normal.

I talked with the ref. and FTA after the match, as was ensured a replay if we lost. If we did lose, and were not given a replay, I would definitely have gone to the question box to request one.


Blue did not really “kill all three” - they hit the alliance wall, and not that hard.

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First off - congratulations to you guys for making the finals! BOB is always a great competitor. Was fun being next to your pit (and allowing us to watch your tv!) I bet it was quite a shock when all the robots went down. I was focused on your bot when it happened and it took me a few seconds to realize ALL red was affected. See you in Saginaw!

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The impact cut power to some equipment, which resulted in all three red robots being disabled within a second (the short delay was possibly due to the equipment moving before a cable came out). Sure, it didn’t damage those three robots, but it was the cause. You can see the RSLs on 2054 and 141 go solid and the team signs above the driver stations turn off, all at the same time.

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I agree it was the cause. What I am saying is Blue was not “at fault” per se.

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It looks to me like a power disconnect somewhere up line of that and if secured with hook and loop tape and then it failed would that be a violation?

I was replying to mikao about 3128’s Driver Station getting knocked off the shelf at Port Hueneme