Entrepreneurship Award Tips/Help

I was wondering if any of you guys, possibly entrepreneurship award winners, have any tips or recommendations for the award. Is there anything in specific that the judges really seem to like? Whether it be in the actual business plan or pit judging? What can a team do to separate themselves from the group? Thanks in advance!


We recently won two entrepreneurship awards (one at each of our District Events) and we’re hoping to go for a third at the District Championships. We made some really great advances in outreach last year, and we mentioned how we used our business plan/SWOT analysis to make these advances. We also made an outreach binder, and attached it to our business plan. Judges like teams that aim high and show ambition, and your outreach activities are a really great way to show that. They also liked our project management skills (we use Basecamp to organize our team and I think our business plan was visually pretty). Overall, I think it’s important to have instances of times when you’ve practically used the business plan and evidence that the plan impacted your team’s activities in the past year. I think it’s also really important to know exact numbers about your team (# of members, demographics, etc.); several judges complimented our presenters on their precision. Good luck with the award!


Thanks so much for the advice!

Team 2655 won entrepreneurship at worlds last year and we have a conference talk in Houston, I think the third time or so we’ve given that seminar.

We have a few resources on our website that might be helpful. :smiley:


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