Entrepreneurship Award

I was wondering if there was a collection of past award submitions, or if anyone could link to their teams submitions for the Entrepreneurship award

Hope this link works - we found this when searching that has been helpful: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/papers/download/3832

That was really helpful.

So what I gather is that the team must submit the executive summaries online before the deadline, and then rock up to the competition with a full business plan to present to the judges on the day?

I am also interested in the response to this question!

Does anyone know if a complete Business Plan can be uploaded?

Or should it be given to judges at competition?

After some research we think that’s what we need to do but it’s hard to find specific confirmation in any of the FIRST materials. If anyone knows - please let us know! We’re going to be prepared with our business plan at our events, but we don’t even know if we need to hand it in, or just have in pit or what?

I was the “business presenter” in my team’s pit for two years before I graduated, and helped revise our team’s business plan for those two years, so hopefully I can help. This is from my experience at Michigan District Events, and two different regionals, but I don’t expect the Entrepreneurship Award process to vary from region to region.

From what I remember last year, your complete business plan can only be given to judges at competition.

The admin manual for this year says you can submit the responses to the business plan template via STIMS, but teams can also create more comprehensive plans in their own style and present these hard copies to judges at events to supplement what you submitted online. But this more comprehensive plan isn’t submitted online.

We had two to three copies of our business plan in our pit. Multiple copies meant we could loan one out to the judges, and still have a copy or two to show to other teams or to spectators at the event.

From my experience, the judges would come by and ask questions about your team, and we would try to loan them a copy of our business plan for judging at the event. It’s a mix of presenting your team and business plan to the judges at the event and the online submission that goes into the judging for the award.

Here’s a link to the 2015 AdamBots Business Plan if you want to take a look at it. I’m not familiar with this one, since I did not work on it (graduated last year), but this is what we had in our pit at every event we went to.

Thanks Joe! I see they just added that to the manual with the update yesterday - helps to clear up some confusion even if it was a little late. BTW your business plan and site are AWESOME! Definitely something to aspire to. :slight_smile:

Thanks again Joe - our business team was inspired by your plan and in fact we won the Entrepreneurship Award at the Granite State District - very exciting. Thank you for your help!!

Wow, congratulations! Good luck at UNH next weekend!