Entrepreneuship award examples

Does anyone’s team have any examples of the enterpreneurship award on their website? I’m trying to do research on the award and it would be of great help to see an example or two. Thanks in advance.

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What you really want to ask is if any teams have a formal business plan they’ve written for their teams that they would share with you. There are great examples out there and this document will help organize your team as well as help students to communicate to judges. Your team structure, leadership, and operations should be a vital part of the entry.

PM me if you’d like more details, but I know there are teams that can share real files with you. Good luck.

Also try asking former winners for their entry rather than a generic call for help.

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Team 365 (MOE / The Miracle Workerz) won the KPC&B Entrepreneurship Award at the 2005 Championship Event. If anyone would like a copy of our team’s Business Plan, please send me an e-mail.


We, Team 839, Rosie Robotics have won the KPC&B Entreneurship Award 2 years in a row at 2 different regionals. Drop me a PM for a copy. Our webmaster has not posted it in its entirity yet.

Hey, is your team going to the pittsburg regional again this year? We look forward to seeing you again.

-Team 808

Yes, team 365 is signed up for and looking forward to competing in the Pittsburgh regional. We will be staying at the Hampton Inn, University Center, even though it is not one of the hotels on the THS list. We stayed there last year and they treated us very well. Great rate, free breakfast, and close to the arena.

We are, however, a bit concerned that there are only 13 teams registered and paid at this point. There are 11 other teams that are registered, but not yet paid. We’re hoping that they all will be going.

Team 233 would like a copy! Please email a copy of your business plan to Megan Parker at [email protected] .

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Team 1676 would love to ahve a copy! Please email it to [email protected]!! THanks!

A bit of background information on this award. As a business student :wink: and as President of the 2004 SoCal Entrepreneurship Award winning team, avoids all the rocks that the engineering students are currently heaving in my direction at this current time period and as a dedicated FIRST-er, I have had first-hand experience integrating the unique pressures that FIRST can bring toward a team in both a competition and a preparation for competition setting.

No matter how many sponsors a team has, they must always be on the lookout, or should always be on the lookout for new ones (unless they are entered into an exclusive agreement). With each search for a sponsor, the process should be documented so that a template can be followed for the future. This template should be explained to the Judges when they come around to interview by a knowledgeable student.

Secondly, grassroots fund raising not only brings in extra income, it demonstrates a vested interest and effort on the part of the team to raise awareness within the community, something that is also a requirement of the Chairman’s award. For the past 3 years, our team has successfully been selling freezies and samosas above cost at our high school right after the last period of the day. The only thing to be concerned about here is supply and any production agreements with your cafeteria (try to work around them!)

A business plan is a demonstrated need for any team to have, but it is not necessary to flaunt it as the main idea behind your efforts to win the award. Instead, focus on a holistic, Chairman’s style approach that underlines all the efforts your team has made to spread awareness, whether for fund raising or not within your community in terms of local and corporate levels. For example, ours was still under development when we traveled to SoCal.

The interview with the judges is critical but ensure you have a student speaking, without making it seem scripted or contrite in any way. Demonstrate a real passion for one of the most overlooked aspects of FIRST and you will have your way.

team 1719 would like one too, and any veteran tips that could be offered. we are a rookie team, and we would like as much help as we can get.

thanks will miller business manager