Entropy Bank Fees

For three years now, the De Anza Robotics Team has been storing much of the world’s entropy in our classroom at no charge. Due to changing financial times (we want to go to the nats), we are forced to begin charging the world for this service.

We kindly request that each team send their annual $4.00 service fee directly to the De Anza Robotics Team at De Anza High School in Richmond, California. Teams not responding risk having their portion of chaos shipped directly to them at their expense. DART can assume no responsibility for the consequences of this action.

If you would like to store any additional entropy in our classroom, please contact one of our representatives for a quote at 1-800-firstlaw.

Thank You,

De Anza Robotics Team

LOL. I’ll give you our $4 at the SV Regional :slight_smile:

Aaah…Entropy! If I were to encase your classroom in my Chamber O’ Absolute Zero (O’ cleverly punned by making it a zero, mind you…LOL), would I eliminate all entropy in your classroom?

HA HA, unfortunately enough, i believe that FIRST teams around the nation are the leader in entropy storage. With my precise calculations i believe that we house 67.356% of the universe’s entropy ( i of course came to this figure using the “pull it out of my butt” method). Hurrah to Dean for creating Maxwell’s Demon!:smiley:

Don’t worry, just send me a bit of your entropy. If it tries to be as equidistributed as possible, it will probably flow directly from my room into your package. I will then close it and send it back, for storage over the next years.