Envioments for showing off objects

Ok, we have all seen it, where there is a model with no special envioment or anything like that, just a blank white one with a plane and a light, and shadows. And I am wondering if any of you know some way (trick or tip) to quickly set up those things?

Cause what I usally end up doing is setting the envioment background (using max 6) to white, and then put a huge plane (usally 1,000ft x 1,000ft) underneath the object. Set up a light and go. But the problem is that you end up seeing where the light fades, and it doesn’t look like an endless envioment. Do you guys have any solutions to this?

Reason being is that I want to make the objects, put them into a quick envioment to make a nice render and show it off. But since I can’t figure a way to get the envioment to look nice, I end up having to show it from the top or bottom looking up…Such as this WIP:

And I would rather have a nice clean looking white envio…



Kinda off topic… but for any pov-ray users… a simply sky_sphere declaration is always a brilliant move.

Setups up an entire fricking world for you… insane.

use a skylight w/ global illumination

easy steps

first have your environment underneath your object.

next make a box that is bigger than your viewport (you can’t see the edges of the box from the perspective) and place it underneath your object.

Material it with a material called matte-shadow (where standard is, click and you’ll see matte-shadow)

Click receive shadows.

add a skylight and an onmi for shadows (turn of shadows for the omin)

go to advanced rendering (in rendering menu and click on light tracer.

RENDER AWAY (there are better ways, but this is simple and will give u the desired effect

oh yeah…thats not really Doug G…its me …he is the mentor but i was on his computer so i use his profile…but ne ways use what is posted above the only problem with it is that it takes a long time…but if you want those nice shadows u must wait…some times 2-3 hours! (w/ light tracer)
Or what you can do is make like 20 Direct lights all pointing to the object but coming from all sides (all lights same distance from the object) turn on shadows, and set the strength to something like .2