ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS when trying to access awards

My team, 2584, is currently trying to access the awards forms through the FIRST website and are running into an error. Whenever we select the award from the drop down menu, the site attempts to redirect us to the page for the award, but gets stuck in an infinite redirect loop. This makes us incapable of seeing the prompt and thus unable to write our essays. Has anyone else encountered this error?

I have heard/found out that once a person has access from the teachers/team owners it takes about half a day or a whole day for the student to get access to the drop-down submissions page. If you need more help, try asking the team owner for permissions then have them give permissions again/wait for it to show up.

Hope this helps!

We are running into the same problem right now. Is anyone currently able to upload student submitted awards? Thanks


I just enabled another student as an awards submitter and they had it within half an hour - after clearing their cache.

Hi Mark,

We cleared cache, browsing history, cookies on two different machines - logging a different student submitter in now. Still not working and he is on a third computer at his home.

This stress! I feel like an FTA. Just worked for another submitter. Whew! Nope. Got kicked out quickly. Finally got it submitted on 4th computer. Not sure what is up except my blood pressure.