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We are only receiving this when we are on auto not when we try teleop, any fix?

This is due to the inbuilt motor safety checks turning off the motor briefly since you are not updating their speed often enough through the mecanumDrive object. Using the .feed method on your MecanumDrive object in whatever function you use to update speeds in auto should fix this, if you are using something like a path follower that is being called repeatedly. If you don’t, you could have something in your periodic that only calls feed in auto.

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This is caused when your code does not supply motor setpoints fast enough. The fix is to supply setpoints faster - IE, modify your code to spend less time doing the other things.

Using the WPILib Classes to Drive your Robot — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation has more details on root cause - it will take analysis of your software (perhaps comparing/contrasting where the error does or doesn’t happen) to determine


ohh i see okay thank you

If your autonomous is a command group in which some subsystem other than the drivebase is involved it may be just that while the other subsystem is doing its thing there is no command actually running the drivebase. This may lead to the kind of errors you are seeing,

If this is the case and you expect the drivebase to be stopped while those other things are going on, it isn’t really a problem. On the other hand, if this is happening while the drivebase is moving you should find the cause and fix it because it means your drivebase is not being controlled the way you expect it to be.

oohh i see okay so how would you recommend fixing that issue?

You need to tell us more about what is happening.

I said “IF your autonomous is a command group…”. Is it?

I said “if this is happening while the drive base is moving”. Is it?

Questions like this are intended to help you look for the essential details of what is happening so that others can help you troubleshoot your problem. Being able to see your code (a link to your code on github or bitbucket or the like) is often necessary in order to provide help. But even if we could see the code we would still need you to tell us more details about what you are observing in order to help.

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