Error 103(Update Firmware on Victor SPX Motor Controller)

Good evening.

I have been making a simple code for my team to use for swerve drive in off season to show it off in a festival; however, I ran into a problem with our Victor SPX Motor Controllers. These Motor Controllers control a motor to make the wheel turn, but we use sparks to control the movement of the robot (foward and back).

The issue I am having is every time I enable the robot it does not recognize the Victor SPX Motor Controllers, so it just keeps flashing red and gives me the Error: “CTR: Firm Vers could not be retrieved. Use Phoenix Tuner to check ID and firmware(CRF) version. Victor SPX 2.”

It would be wonderful if someone could help me figure out this problem, so I can make this simple program for my team and get it ready for the festival. Thanks !

I would download Phoenix tuner and check the firmware on those Victors. It’s only a few buttons to update all victors if needed

If you are using CAN Bus…

… if you are using PWM…

  • recheck PWM wiring and make sure you are creating a PWMVictorSPX
  • confirm PWM index in source matches the physical PWM channel on the RIO.

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