Error 44002

We were getting the same error code and we learned that it supposedly meant we needed to reformat the cRio. So we did that, and we still got the same error message. We are unsure what to do.

FRC: Driver Station ping status has changed.

Warning <Code> 44002 occurred at Ping Results: link-bad, DS radio(.4)-bad, robot radio(.1)-GOOD, cRio(.2)-GOOD, FMS-bad
Driver Station
<time>2/18/2014 4:46:22 PM<unique#>99

Any help would be appreciated.

44002 is not an error.
It is an informational message.
It comes up whenever one of the devices in the list changes ping status.

link - means an Ethernet cable is connected
DS radio(.4)- is a circa 2009 device that doesn’t usually exist in our networks nowadays
robot radio(.1)- you want to see this if not tethered
cRio(.2)- You want to see this
FMS - competition only

It is very likely that we could have an issue in our code. We use Java, but our lead programmer graduated last year, so we’re a bit confused this year. We’ve been in contact with him, but he can’t help us very well without actually being here. Here is a link to the code via Dropbox: If you could help us out by taking a look at it, we would really appreciate it.