ERROR  -44007  RefNum named "Lil sammy the servo" was not found

hello! I have a color sensor connected to a servo. when ever I try to use the servo, i get the errors ERROR  -44007  RefNum named “lil sammy the servo” was not found. and FRC: The RefNum you are trying to Get does not exist in this RefNum Registry.  WPI_ServoRefNum Registry

Check where you define your Servo name in
The name in must exactly match the name used elsewhere.

As Mark mentions, ensure the string you are wiring to the “Set” function is exactly the same as the one you wire to the “Get” function. Extra spaces or capital letters will make a difference since the string is not the same.

More information: FRC Driver Station Shows Error -44007

I have checked the code multiple times and copied/pasted these values from begin to periodic tasks. I am certain they are correct.

Noted. Please provide your code so we can be more helpful :slight_smile:

This is what the servo looks like in begin
sammy servo begin
This is the program I am puting it in

And you are 100% sure there is nowhere else in your code where this servo is called?

If you probe the error wire coming out of the WPI_ServoRefNum Registry that is outside your loop, do you see the error present?

The other option I can think of is that Periodic Tasks does not have the error wire connected in Robot, which could be causing a race condition where the VI tries to fetch the servo before has set it.

i looked in Robot Main and timed tasks had no connection point
this is what it looks like
sammy servo robot main 2

Is there a node that appears on the lower left side of the Timed Task vi hen you pan over it with the mouse?

You have probably accidentally deleted the Error input from the block diagram.
It looked like this:
If deleted then that wire in Robot Main that maintains the proper sequence of events, goes away too (because it no longer has anything to connect to.

It can be restored by hand.

You’re right, I did accidentally delete that. However I added it back in and the node isn’t coming back on the vi, is there something I should do on the front panel?

You need to add the node back onto the vi.
You do this from the Front Panel for Periodic Tasks (aka Timed Tasks).

In the upper right of the front panel window you will see the Timed Tasks icon and next to it is a node diagram.

  • highlight the error cluster on the front panel
  • Then click on the tiny white box in the lower left of the node diagram to associate the two.


Thank you for helping me solve this!

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