Error -44007

When I run the robot the error -44007 occured at WPI_SolonoidRefNum Registry>>>>Robot appears.

What does this error mean?
Also, is it linked to the air compressor? For its the only piece of the robot that doesnt work? Or is it just a silly little mistake on my part?::ouch::

Error -44007 means that the name supplied to a Refnum Registry Get function was not recognized.

It tells me that you have a solenoid named in Teleop that fails to match a solenoid opened in Begin. It could be as simple as an extra space at one end of the name, or differing capitalization.

Making the compressor work is pretty easy in LabVIEW. Half the code is already there. All you have to do is enable it in Periodic Tasks, and define it in Begin (making sure the pressure switch is wired to the specified Digital Input, and the Spike is on the specified Relay output).

I completely forgot about enabling it in the Periodic Tasks and yes it turned out to be capitalization issue.

THANK YOU! :smiley: