Error -44036 Bricking Robot?

Upon the start of the code, the driver station practically spams “Error -44036 occurred at PWM frc0: An invalid set operation occurred, and the PWM channel was not allocated.”

The above is paraphrased but it has the main info. Here’s my problem, we don’t use PWM control for anything. We use Talon SRX’s wired to CAN and upon connecting, the proper device IDs appear in the web dashboard. When enabled, the status lights turn the standard solid orange, status lights seem good. Our external compressor will fire, joystick and gamepad presses and such appear on the dash. Yet the robot does nothing.

I even reverted the code an older version from our first competition, something I know works. What the heck is going on? Could this be a wiring error?

Post the project and we’ll tell you.
And I mean the whole zipped project from Documents/LabVIEW Data, not just snippets or individual vi’s.

You might have a lost Motor Set abandoned somewhere in your code, probably off the block diagram screen or hidden underneath another structure.
Use Clean Up Diagram to find it.

That error usually points to an attempt to use a Set on a motor that you didn’t successfully open.

Just for completeness, check your Talon SRX device IDs again. Better yet, have someone else check them. Then inspect the code to make sure you’re doing a Motor Open followed by a Refnum Set (in with the same name you later retrieve with Refnum Get. You’d get a different error if the spelling was off, so I suspect the problem is either with the Open function or with the way you’re providing the Refnum to the Set function.

Alright, I’ll double check things with my mentor soon. If we cannot get it, I’ll throw the project up here so you guys can reference it.

Well, I gave up on the old project and switched to command and control. Problem solved.