Error 44040>>>>>>Periodic>>

FRC: The relay index is invalid.

Anybody know how to fix this?

I plugged in my compressor

I am having the same exact error and it is driving me CRAZY!
We have everything set up exactly how it was last year. Did the same code, but added the periodic tasks element, as instructed, and it still doesn’t work.

I have resolved the issue. If you go through each vi listed above and you switch the flow from “Both Ways” to “Forward” on all of them it should resolve the issue.

Thank you for the tip MrTech. Will have to check that out tomorrow.

To revive this thread – we’re working though our 44040 error. We put away our 'bot for the summer, and we’re getting it going again. Everything is the same as it was…we double checked the wiring. Our indominable programmers have gone through the five vi’s listed and … well, we’re not exactly sure what “flow” refers to in the previous posting. Any hints or ideas?

Take a look at your Robot Main block diagram. Make sure that Periodic Tasks will not start running until Begin finishes. Post a picture of it if you’re not sure what I’m saying, and I’ll look for the problem that I suspect is there.

Team 4347 is quite honored to have an answer from Alan Anderson. We’ve attached a png of the robot Thanks!

I believe what my boy Harsh, aka MrTechCenter, was trying to say was:
If you open the Compressor “Open” vi in the, when you go to the block diagram, you can set the “Direction” of the relay. Three choices are there: “Both directions”, “Forward only”, and “Reverse only”. Select “Forward Only”.

See the attached picture for details.

The missing wire I expected between Begin and Timed Tasks…is not missing. So my hunch was wrong. Next step: show us the code involving the Compressor Open and the compressor loop itself so we can help some more.