Error 44046 -- Solenoid

We keep getting the above error when we are trying to operate a solenoid. We have placed the Solenoid Open VI in the Begin. We referenced it to Solenoid RefNumReg Set VI. In Teleop we are using the Solenoid RefNumReg Get VI. We then wire it to the Solenoid Set VI. We do not have solenoid referenced anywhere else in our code.

The error is stating that we have already allocated the resource, and we must release the resource before allocating again. Our searches as to what we are doing wrong have not yielded any results. Any suggestions?

Easier to post your zipped project (probably linked from a 3rd-party site) or code snippets (highlight then Edit->Create VI Snippet From Selection).
The whole project might be necessary to find the problem in this case.
The error is pretty straight forward, but the ways to cause it are numerous.

Only random suggestion I have is to create a Single solenoid first as a test case.
You can also compare your code to the FRC solenoid example (Getting Started Window -> Support->Find FRC examples…->Pneumatics->SimpleSolenoid.lvproj)
Those examples are executable as-is over a USB connection, so you can run it using the Run arrow, then make changes so it matches your code and you might see where the error gets introduced.

Thanks for advice. We were able to activate the solenoid using the model code. Not sure what the problem was in our code. At this point we are really just trying to figure out how to use labview to activate mechanisms. No on the team has any programming experience in any language.

The other FRC examples are good as starting points to understand what is needed and how it is used.
One of the Tutorials (from the Getting Started window) describes how to incorporate the examples into the standard LabVIEW framework.

Another nice benefit of the executable examples is that they give an example of the proper wiring and used as-is they can be used to prove that the wiring is correct and the code isn’t at fault.

We have some simple examples of common LabVIEW operations here:

But these don’t have extensive descriptions. They are just visuals on how the vi’s need to be wired. Later examples assume you can refer back to earlier examples for more basic operations, such as setting up a joystick.