Error 44061

Hello everyone! Sorry if this is in the wrong spot but I’m new to this.
Our code has been having issues with CPU usage. This happens in autonomous and in teleop. Suggestions for why this is happening would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

We ran into this last night. Follow the instructions in the link below.

This message indicates that the loop that was calling RobotDrive isn’t updating the output values as often as it said it would. The default is 100ms.

The most common reason for this is that your teleop function is calling RobotDrive and you have code that is sequencing through operations with relays or solenoids with delays in between, and this causes your teleop to miss the deadline.

Another reason is that the RobotDrive is placed into a case structure and it isn’t being called to refresh the timer.

Do either of these sound likely?

Greg McKaskle