Error 44085

When we try to deploy some of our code we get the error:

“Error -44085 Occured at FPGA Bit file has incorrect version or revision.”

We have looked around at the other threads already posted asking about this error, but have found no useful information. We have fully updated software on our computers. When we run the camera servo example, it works, but when our slight modification of this code is run, we get the error. It has yet to occur on any other code. Any infromation on how to solve this problem would be fantastic.

Did you re-flash with a full power on reset?

I agree. I don’t have the error code in front of me, but I think it indicates an incompatible FPGA image. Rerun the imaging tool, and make sure to click on the format checkbox. Expect it to take fifteen minutes or so.

Greg McKaskle

That actually happened to us when some of the newer members opened the “RobotMain.VI” instead of the project file and tried to run that. Are you sure you’ve opened the .lvproj file?