ERROR -44087 CAN: Message not found frc.robot.Main.main(

I was porting code to my practice bot when I had the error in the title. The line in question is:


I am using Java.

We are getting the same message on on our testbed. Did you find a solution?

Usually when this problem happens, there’s nothing wrong with the software. The line RobotBase.startRobot(Robot::new); just happens to be the line that starts the whole robot program and thus is reported in the stack trace.

I would suggest checking the firmware version using Phoenix Tuner. If it’s all up-to date, check all your CAN connections and that all devices show up in the Tuner. It shouldn’t be a software issue.

The stack trace likely has other elements. What are they? Do you have all your CAN devices plugged in and turned on? Are all your CAN IDs correct in code?

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I haven’t had it happen. I have no clue what the error was. My robot just strated working.

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We see that message a lot, throughout the match. On the CAN bus, we have the PCM, the PDP, and one Spark-Max. All of them work just fine, but the message is an annoyance.

We are one firmware version behind on our Spark Max, so as soon as the robot comes out of the bag before our next competition, that will be fixed, so maybe it will magically go away after that upgrade, but, really, our systems all work. We get the correct values and the motor responds in a timely fashion, but on the console there are warning messages that there were missing messages. We have no clue what the cause or the solution could be.

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