error 5101 : Timeout

We have tried over and over to get labview to work. We have run all the serial port diagnostics we have seen and indeed we have no trouble getting serial communications to the controller board to upload new code.

However, Labview always gives us an error (5101) about the serial port. We have reinstalled Labview and NI-VISA, checked in MAX that our serial ports are configured properly, etc.

We finally found a java based gui for testing the camera and it seems to work fine (finally got a frame from our camera!) but we would really love to figure out the problem. Any ideas?

Have you tried the latest update? What kind of Serial adapter are you using (built-in versus USB-Serial cable)?


I guess I did not see a Labview update. I will go back and check.

We are using the builtin serial port.

It’s not a LabVIEW update… it’s an update to the CMUCam2 application. Found here.