Error Code -65563 Hexadecimal (0xFFFEFFE5) block diagram

Hello! I am a student programmer dealing with camera issues on the FRC Dashboard. Every time i run it, it displays code -65563 with the hexadecimal code (0xFFFEFFE5), and when I tell it to stop, it brings me to the source of the problem. It is the “NDE Browse of Resolve” Box near the beginning in this picture. Every time I create a new custom dashboard and run it, it continues to happen. I read the error message over and over again, and even if I did know how to fix it, I can’t edit the block diagram. Anyone able to help?

Posted some troubleshooting advice in your NI forums post:
Error Code -65563 Hexadecimal (0xFFFEFFE5) in Block Diagram FRC LabVIEW Custom Dashboard

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