Error connecting to cRIO through Windriver


I’ve been trying on and off to get Workbench connected to the cRIO for debugging and console output. Each time, it fails to connect and gives an error, largely along the lines of the image on the cRIO is not the same as the image locally (or some such - sorry, I’m not in front of it right now).

So it’s not a link error (symbols out of date etc.)… This is just basic connection to the cRIO. I’ve applied all the updates, and re-imaged the cRIO to v19 (twice, for various reasons). I’ve followed the instructions in the getting started guide exactly.

Does anyone else have any suggestions? This seems to work for everyone else first go. :slight_smile:

The only thing that occurred to me tonight, while reading other posts, is that perhaps we need to have the Console Out DIP switch on the cRIO set to on. Is that the part I’m missing?

Could you please try setting ‘Bypass checksum comparison’ in the Target Connection properties and see if that allows you to connect?



Got this working tonight. Honestly don’t know why it suddenly worked… All updates were applied before, and it didn’t work with or without those updates.

I selected a new kernel image file - different location to where it was previously, I think after the latest workbench update was applied… But either way, with that now it all seems to work ok.