Error in Download

So due to problems with my network adapter, I recently had to do a full reset on my computer and am reinstalling FRC software from the ground up (with a USB network adapter, though I don’t think that’s the problem). The NI Download puts up the message “The 'VISA Shared Components 64-Bit installation has failed”. I can continue the installation but then it tells me that there was an error and the NI module can not install. Any ideas?


Sorry to hear about your computer. You probably want to contact the NI support on the page. Since it is the weekend, you can try to open the Add/remove programs control panel, open National Instruments and remove the 2015 stuff and install again. But there are times when the Windows Registry gets confused and that is where the support folks can work their mojo.

Greg McKaskle

Thanks for responding. I think my computer was the issue - a little while later it started crashing, after I fixed it (fingers crossed) I managed to install the software without a problem.