Error in FRC Radio Configuration Utility

My radio device is OM5PAC. I’ve been folllowing the manual of WPILib for Programming your Radio. However, when I try to “Load Firmware”, the program always gives me this error message. I had no Ethernet turned on or Firewall everytime i tried. Does anybody know a way to solve this?

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Did you do what the message says? Disable all other network adapters (specifically the wifi one) in Windows (Control Panel → Network and Sharing Center → Change adapter settings → right-click on each and select “Disable”)

Yep. I turned off all the Ethernet and Wi-fi networks before and after the error message, but it stills persists.

So ensure your radio is unplugged from power and ethernet when you click load firmware. Then wait till it prompts you to plug the radio into power and ethernet. It tooks us about 4 or 5 tries but eventually it prompted to plug it in.

Also, try installing npcap version 1.60 and trying it again. It may help.

Did you also check in Device Manager like Peter suggested?

We had the same issue with a new radio…despite the on screen directions, we had to LOAD FIRMWARE to the radio…then were able to add team number and name

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