Error java

I don’t understand, i have this issue in C++

How can i resolve this ?

Thaks, Gaspard

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A little bit of context can help us out here. When did you get this error? Was it when you were trying to deploy your code? Was it when it was running?

Not sure if you tried this but google sesrching or throwing this into ChatGPT might net you some reaults as well.

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Can you post the stack trace? That will tell you where the error is coming from.

This doesn’t look like a normal compiler error to me. Instead this seems like a possible gradle issue. Open a terminal in vscode and run a ./gradlew clean (there might be an option to that in vscode but I’m not sure) But other than that I’d need to see your code and possibility a stacktrace to provide meaningful help.

They figured out the root cause and opened a GradleRIO issue for it:

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