Error Linking for '05 RC

Trying to utilize last year’s RC, we have tried to follow Kevin’s instructions. However we have gotten the following error on linking:
Error - section ‘.code_serial_ports.o’ can not fit the section. Section ‘.code_serial_ports.o’ length=0x000002d4

Any suggestions on what this means and what we can do to correct the problem?

Jon Mittelman

Sounds too big to me.

Check to see the amount of space your code takes up on the 2006 RC before you ported it.
MPLAB -> View -> Memory Usage Gauge (but multiple the program space usage by 2 to get # bytes)
look at the .map file that can be created in your project directory.

Realistically you have around 29K bytes available on the older RCs.

Thanks…I came up with 36.6 k for our 2006 code…will try to trim it!