ERROR OF Installing Java 8 on the roboRIO

I am from 6874 and we are new this year as a rookie team and we are from Turkey.Before Kick-Off we have Off season and we are trying to do robot for it but we have a problem, while we are installing java 8 on the roborio we get this error could someone help us? we really need help.

Is the roboRIO connected via USB or Ethernet?

We tried both of them.

Please click the open folder button and paste the log file here.

I am from Turkey and there is night now so our laptop and roborio at school,If I paste the log file tomorrow would it be a problem? Sorry for bad english.Thanks.

Not a problem at all. When you post it, we will be able to be more helpful.

Did you image the roboRIO?

Thank you so much for everyone’s help.We didn’t have imaged the roborio.Today we imaged and now İt is done. Thanks again.