Error opening path from pathweaver

So i was trying to run part of my four ball autonmous code which includes paths generated from path weaver. For this specific test I only wanted to run the very first path however when i enable auton the robot will turn on for a few seconds before disabling itself and giving me an error. The pic below will showcase the error and here is the link to the repo if its needed: GitHub - rambots/Robot-2022: Robot code for FIRST 2022 Rapid React

I suspect that you don’t want deploy on the path string.

Have you checked if the files are actually ending up on the roboRIO? (See roboRIO FTP — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation)

It might help to debug this if you change getTrajectory to put the resolved path into the error message.

Are you using Filesystem.getDeployDirectory() to get the file? (As indicated in the docs here)

so remove deploy and have something like “paths/‘ExamplePathName.wpilib.json’”?
I find that to be a bit strange, how come adding deploy messes it up?

I havent but I’ve read about this, I didn’t consider this to be an option so thank you and I will definitely check.

Yes, i have a constant named DEPLOY_DIRECTORY defined in my constants file.
“public static final Path DEPLOY_DIRECTORY = Filesystem.getDeployDirectory().toPath();”

this is what I use in the gettrajectory function in My TrajectoryInject utility class

The files in ‘deploy’ on your computers file system are placed into the directory returned by getDeployDirectory during the deployment process

I see, after looking at the documentation again for pathweaver and some other examples they do not infact include ‘deploy’, just paths. Not sure how I missed this but it happens ig

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