Error Out Difficulties- Help Please?

I can’t seem to figure out how to bundle the error out values of several motor DevRef VIs. Anyone have an idea how to connect them?

You can either wire the errors serially through the motor vis, or use a merge error VI.

if you need to build more errors in, you can also compile f your errors into a build array and attach the output of the build array into the error array input of the merge error VI, then send that to error out.

If you are using CAN, I recommend that you leave the error wires unconnected. This way a timeout error on the CAN bus will not stop it from functioning from then on. If it is unwired, then the Auto Error Handler will send the information to the Driver Station errors window.


In fact, for FRC in general you don’t need to wire the error terminals. This differs from typical industry because:

  1. you don’t typically want to stop/kill your robot on error
  2. since you are running on a real-time system, regular error dialogs don’t exist
  3. for FRC, we already handle errors within the Device Ref wires and report those errors back to the Driver Station.

When would you want to use error wires?

  1. To force data flow - like when using some analysis between FRC subVIS
  2. When you want to check for errors and handle them yourself - maybe for a specific error you want to run some different code