Error problems

Hello I have gotten 2 errors and I don’t know why to do the errors are:

44061 and 44007

From a LabVIEW window choose
Help -> Explain Error
You can enter the error code there and get a brief explanation

-44061 is the main drive loop is taking more than 100ms to be called. If this only happened once, then you can ignore it. If it rapidly repeats then your Teleop is too slow (Waits, too much code, other reasons).

-44007 is the name you are retrieving in Teleop is misspelled or the wrong Get (in vs out) was used, or the device was never Open’ed /Named in Begin.

You can use the Explain Error… option in LabVIEW’s Help menu to get information about what an error means. Make sure you recognize the difference between “Error 44061” and “Error -44061”, though. The negative numbers are usually specific to FRC robot programming.

Ok I’ll check

Still having difficulties… Are we missing something?

For every RefNum Get you’re using (in Teleop, Autonomous Independent, Disabled, Finish, and Periodic Tasks), make sure the name you’re giving it matches the associated RefNum Set in Begin.

If you have changed the name of anything from what it is in the default project, make sure you change it in Finish, Disabled, and Periodic Tasks too.

Thanks, we’ll try it in a little bit, we’ll update you and let you know if it works.

so we have tried and made shur everything was spelled correct and it no longer gives a error but doesn’t do anything at all. what should we do? (by the way were rookies)

If you want to zip up your project and post it, we can help look for problems.
The project is in Documents -> LabVIEW Data

Tell us exactly what you’re doing, step by step, in more detail than you think we need. Tell us what you expect to happen at each step, and what happens instead. Be as specific as you can.

After doing this, we no longer get the error code(s) but it still isn’t working correctly, any more help or advice you could give us?

so we did the processes in the photo 3 times different axis for each motor control and the teleop section we put in periodic tasks. so the arm raising section of are design would be axis 1 and the arm flip would be axis 5 on the xbox controller and on the Logitech 3d pro would control the base and a cow push witch folds in and that should be axis 3.

below is are periodic tasks vi

I don’t see the pictures. They show as broken links.

All I can do is repeat my request that you tell us what you’re doing, what you expect to happen when you do it, and what happens instead.

Don’t tell us about your code – post your code so we can see it for ourselves. Just tell us what we would see happening if we watched you trying to control your robot. Give really detailed commentary like “we enable the robot”, “the RSL starts flashing”, “the driver pushes the joystick forward” and “the robot arm should move down, but it stays where it is”.

ok so we activate the robot then the light blinks then the driver pushes forward the left joystick forward on Xbox and then the are is supposed to raise up but dose nothing and no errors. or the driver pushes the right joystick forward and the arm is supposed to rotate but dose nothing. or the driver pushes forward the altitude control on the Logitech and the cow push should fold out but don’t. below are the .vi that we changed or messed with.

Robot (14.5 KB)
Periodic (17.1 KB) (19.5 KB) (11.1 KB)
Autonomous (19.2 KB)

Robot (14.5 KB)
Periodic (17.1 KB) (19.5 KB) (11.1 KB)
Autonomous (19.2 KB)

The problem is your motor code only runs once when the robot starts and never again, because of where you placed it in Periodic Tasks.

Two solutions:

  1. Move the motor code to, because Teleop gets called over and over again by Robot Main, so your motor code will get called every time new joystick commands are received.
    *]Move the motor code into the 10ms loop in Periodic Tasks. Because that loop gets repeated over and over again, calling your motor code over and over again.

ok i will try it today and i’ll let u know if it works

Thanks to every one who helped we did get are robot running in time to compete

Where are you at in Michigan? I might be able to help. If not I know other teams all over Michigan. This might be useful for next year.