Error running robot code simulation

I’m trying to simulate the robot code and I’m getting this error. I tried downloading from the link and it didn’t solve it.

You need to install the Desktop Development with C++ packages from Visual Studio Community to simulate C++ code.

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wait just notiecd that its for c++ code im trying to sim a java code

C++ is used in the java sim client, lots of the underlying things like network table servers are JNI calls to c++ files.

Is your directory really ?????

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While true that C++ is used behind the scenes, it’s not necessary to download what jdao linked for Java simulation, only for C++ simulation.

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yeha thats what i ment

its in Hebrew so it puts ??? insted

Is your documents directory in OneDrive? If it is, move the project so it’s not in OneDrive. It may also be worth trying a location without Hebrew characters, I’m not sure it’s all encoding clean end to end.

yep that’s it good dam Windows why can’t you support Unicode

thanks tho.

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