Error setting up the 2016 Update Suite

I’m trying to run the update, Following the instructions from here

More specifically this step:

After downloading, when I extract the files into a folder and run the setup (after I punched in my serial number and the installer starts), the installer keeps throwing errors about missing files. If you try to ignore the current error, it just keeps throwing other errors about other files.

I’m running windows 10, and I dealt with the windows 8/10 addendum.

Anyone know a fix? Any idea why this is happening? Was this error seen in previous updates? What did I do wrong? Will our autonomous code work this year?

Did you extract the entirety of the zipped folder? If you run the executable alone / from the zipped folder than it won’t work.

The only other thing I can think of from an offline point of view is permissions. Make sure you have all necessary permissions for full access to that folder and its parent folder

My windows 10 and 7 rigs both worked fine without any additional support (ignored that “windows 8/10 addendum” thing)

Yup, extracted whole zip into an actual folder, and then ran it. I also should have full access to the folder, I even ran the exe as an administrator just to make sure. Same issue. I don’t think it’s corrupt or anything, I’ve downloaded the files like 3 times, with the downloader and as a .zip.

Windows 10 install went fine for me as well. When I extracted FRCUpdate2016.0.0, into a folder, that folder had 874 files and 154 folders, which Windows claims total 1,033,329,718 bytes (that’s the what “Size” in Properties shows, not the “Size on disk”), 985MB.

How many files are in your extracted folder, and what’s the total size?

What program did you use to unzip them?

I used winrar, folder size: 985 MB (1,033,317,843 bytes), and 874 files & 154 folders. Everything checks out. I also used version 2016.0.0

Solved the problem. Moved the whole folder to C:/FRCUpdate2016/blahblahblah

I have no idea why it works now. I just hope it helps anyone else having a similar issue.

Than my diagnosis of the issue was most likely correct. The super folder that you placed the folder had permissions that denied files in the super folder and all children folder in it to be accessed by user level processes.