Error when deploying code on to robot. build.xml:66 (C++, Eclipse)

C:\Users\My Dell\wpilib\cpp\current\ant\build.xml:66: com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Could not send 'C:\Users\My Dell\workspace\Robot\Debug\FRCUserProgram' to '/home/lvuser' - 4: C:\Users\My Dell\workspace\Robot\Debug\FRCUserProgram (The system cannot find the file specified)

The laptop is 64 bit windows 7. I found some other occurrences of the error on but no way to fix it. Does anyone know how to fix it and/or avoid it in the furure?

This likely means your project didn’t build. What does the Build Console show when you build the project? Do you have an FRCUserProgram in the debug folder inside your project?

The other likely source of that error (line 66 of build.xml) is the script trying to copy your program onto the roboRIO. I usually see that when there is no connection to the robot. Can you make sure by browsing to "roborio-<yourteamnumber>.local and see if that works to verify connectivity and that the name of the roboRIO can be resolved? That usually fixes it for me.

We experienced a similar error and it turned out to be the team number not filled in under Preferences->WPILib