Error when deploying code

I’m trying to deploy code on an old robot and about 1-2 seconds after I hit run, this error comes up.

C:\Users\Developer\NetBeansProjects\FinalGameCode\build.xml:28: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\Users\Developer\sunspotfrcsdk\build.xml:42: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\Users\Developer\sunspotfrcsdk\ant\configure.xml:41: Element type “frcupgrade” must be followed by either attribute specifications, “>” or “/>”.

I’m guessing lines 41 and 42 build.xml project got changed somehow, but how do you access it/modify it?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I think you’re on the right path looking at the lines specified in the error message.

I’ve uploaded copies of the files specified at the following links.

Check the line numbers in the error message and those surrounding it for any deviations. Post back with your findings.

C:\Users\Developer\sunspotfrcsdk\ant\configure.xml check around line 41

C:\Users\Developer\sunspotfrcsdk\build.xml check around line 42

Do you know if you can actually access the build.xml file directly from netbeans?
Normally, you can get onto it if there’s some error message in the code deploying output, but is it possible to just open it when you start netbeans?

Another programmer looked at this today and he said that there was something wrong with the build.xml file, but there was also some issue with it missing a java.lang(?) file (or something to that extent). I’ll have to talk to him more to understand fully what is going on.

As the otherguy said, your master build.xml is probably broken. The surest way to test-fix this is to copy it over from another computer where deployment is working. If that is not possible, the stock file provided above should suffice.

The file is not directly accessible in Netbeans, but you can find its location by going into Tools > Options > Misc top tab > FRC config, and looking at the directory for “Use Alternate SDK Location”.
You should find it in “C:\Users[username]\sunspotfrcsdk\build.xml”

Sorry this is late but I have dealt with Build.xml and various other XML files provided in sunspotfrcsdk.

You CAN access the files themselves via netbeans BUT to save you MUST have the program used to open it, open in Adminstrator, even if you jsut use “Open as Administrator”. You seem to be missing the part of a line where is says, This is the end of an Element Declaration. Hopefully you will resolve that issue. If you open it and at the line specified you dont see an ‘>’ or '/> at the end of an element specifcation then just add it in and try.

<target name = … >
<mkdir … />

        &lt;target name = ...
                    &lt;mkdir ... /&gt;
         &lt;target name = ... &gt;
                    &lt;mkdir ... &gt; //Or non at all

or some permutation of that.

Hope I helped somewhat.