Error when deploying robot with gradle (VSC)

Whenever I deploy the robot code with gradle it gives this strange error. I’ve tried putting the question in google and found this 'gradlew' is not recognized as an internal or external command error in Android Studio terminal - Stack Overflow
and the top reply was

1. gradlew command is available in your project directory. If you are trying to run this command from somewhere else it will throw error.
2. Also gradlew command package is automatically generated by Android studio when you create a new project. It will also prompt you to generate new gradle wrapper when you open the project.
3. you have to use ./gradlew instead of gradlew , if you are using Mac or Linux

The issue is I don’t understand what the words mean in the given context, a clarification would be appreciated. Here is the full error.

The terminal process "cmd.exe /d /c gradlew deploy  -PteamNumber=1266 --offline"C:\Users\Public\wpilib\2021\jdk"" terminated with exit code: 1.

Note that the text just above the part you pasted was the part that’s much more interesting. It’s often the case when you run into an error that the last line is not very specific, and so it’s helpful to paste at least several lines of text.

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