Error when running Talon SRX with 2017 Control System

With the new changes to wpilib, the software for Talon SRX has been moved to another library. I tried updating last year’s code with the 2017 control system. However, when running the updated code in gazebo simulation or with last year’s robot, I get the following error:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ctre/CANTalon

Anybody know a fix?

Thank you,
Robbie Tacescu

Install the CTRE libraries

Latest CTRE toolchain (with FRC support) is here…

Previous post is a direct link to that specific version.

Is there any hope of getting a TalonSRXLibJava-source.jar or some sort of integrated JavaDoc any time soon?

This packaging nightmare is bad enough (we’re already had to get exceptions in our school’s antivirus app to be able to unzip this), but all the in-IDE docs are gone now.

First release of API documentation here…

We’ll put it into the installer moving forward.

I’ve installed those already, and I still have this issue.

Robbie Tacescu

Are you building using the ANT target, or the internal build command in Eclipse?

If it’s the later, make sure the .jar files in the user lib directory are included in the build path. The former should be automatic.

I’ve discovered the issue goes away when I make a new eclipse project. Thanks for helping out!

Robbie Tacescu