Error when trying to use the GRIP samples on Raspberry Pi

I’m a programmer from team 5549. We’re trying to use GRIP on a Raspberry Pi for vision processing. We followed the instructions from here: This is the error we get. CODE]python3 -m wheel install opencv_python_rpi3-…whl

Also, when we try to use this command: python3 -m wheel install opencv_python_rpi3-...whl, it gives us an error. I know we're supposed to replace the ellipses with something, but what? 
Is there something else we should do after this?
Thanks in advance,

So I’m guessing that command should be:

$ pip3 install wheel
$ python3 -m wheel install opencv_python_rpi3-3.1.0+39f5a48-cp34-cp34m-linux_armv7l.whl

Given the content of the git repo but this is outside my area of expertise.