Errors in Diagnostics: I/O unit not detected

On the Classmate dashboard, I’m getting the following errors in the “Messages” box, under “Diagnostics”:

I/O unit not detected or not installed correctly.
No Change to Network Configuration: “Local Area Connection”

Does anyone know what these mean, how to resolve them, or if they’re even important?


Do you have the I/O unit programmed and connected? If not, that’s why you get the message.

It means the network was already set up correctly, it’s information only. It’s more meaningful when you try to run the DS software on your own computer.

What do you mean by I/o unit?
could you describe it?

never mind i found it but is it necessary for running the ds?

It’s optional.
Useful if you want to create your own control box, but there are analog and digital inputs aplenty on a joystick too.

OK thanks mark!