Errors messages at the Driver station

So, Team 2185, is having a few problems with their programming.
So when we deploy the code to the cRIO, it works prefectly but when we try running the robot, it gives the error -44061 and other errors, (ps. we dont have the camera connected).

It says “FRC: The loop that contains RobotDrive is not running fast enough. This error can occur if the loop contains too much code, or if one or more other loops are starving the RobotDrive loop.”

We need help with this, please feel free to ask any further information

Update: We are also getting “Watchdog Expiration System 1, User 0”
“I/O unit not detected or not installed correctly”

Like it says, this error means that your code is not running fast enough for some reason. When this happens, it trips the little watchpuppies and your codes returns the error that you see. Now, like the error message suggests, this could be because you simply have too much code in your teleop VI. Can you streamline your code to make it more efficient or move some of it to Periodic

Also, you said your camera wasn’t connected. Does you still have the camera code running? Because that could cause an error that could slow down your code and cause the problems your’re seeing. Either use a diagram disable structure to comment out the camera code, or connect a camera.

You can safely ignore the “I/O unit not detected” message. It’s just telling you that the Driver Station didn’t find a Cypress PsoC attached to it. Most teams don’t use one of those.

What programming language are you using? Have you added anything to “The loop that contains RobotDrive”?