Errors When Deploying to Simulator

“Block Diagram Errors
Wire connected to an undirected tunnel.
This wire connects one or more data sinks but has no source.”
This shows up when I try to deploy my code to the simulator. I think it is because I have code in my begin that I don’t have corresponding pieces to in teleop, but I’m not sure. I can email you guys our code so far if you want to help.

The broken wire indicates that “error out” from is missing. Copy an error cluster from another vi and paste it into Then change it to an indicator and hook it back up the VI’s terminal.

This is what the front panel of your should look like.

You didn’t delete any of the code connected to the original Joystick Open from, did you? That’ll break Robot Main. There really should be something on the block diagram labeling that “error out” indicator as an essential component of the framework.

Follow the previous post’s directions to add it back in, and things should work again.

Thanks guys, I borrowed another and started it fresh. Working now. And I didn’t know that error out was important. my bad.