Escalators at Worlds

Is it just me or do the escalators at worlds seem to constantly be changing direction? We had a drive team member on floor 3 struggle to get down to the pits because he couldn’t find any escalators going down, only up. There tend to be lines for elevators too as people can’t find an easy way down. To add on to this, the stairs in the building only exit outside so you can’t use those as an alternative.

Has anyone else experienced this at champs and does anyone know why this seems to be happening?


coconut mall flashbacks


Just had two escelators to the second floor stop

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If they would just stop all escalators they would become stairs. And it wouldn’t matter if they were up or down. LOL


I was wondering about that…

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shhhhh……there’s elevators, if you can find them


That’s what I like about escalators. They don’t ever break. They just become stairs.


Except the staff was insistent that you not walk up or down the escalators when moving.

I am sure this is just a liability thing rather than a technical one, but I have never encountered this policy anywhere else.


This is my opinion I do not speak on behalf of any group or organization.

I’m pretty sure it was for traffic control.

The escalators to the innovation fair only ran up when it was open. The escalators to FTC also changed directions around the time of opening/closing.

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My mentor experienced this too, “It could collapse from under you”

You could also spontaneously transform into a chicken. The world is just one big probability equation!


Initially, only one set of escalators was on. It broke but the venue didn’t have a mechanic on hand and had to wait for the mechanic to travel. The event staff were trying to get the other set of escalators turned on in the meantime.

Sorry for the convenience


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