ESP32 / MPU6050 network based gyro using coap and the builtin MotionApps 6.12


ESP32 (over wifi for now, ethernet soon)
MPU6050 w 6.12 firmware
coap protocol (UDP)
msgpack data serialization
using built in MPU
Client side was a test python program.

Average time to fetch and decode - 12ms
Standard deviation of yaw data : .037 degrees (sitting still)

chart (1)

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$3 for MPU6050
$16 ESP32 w Ethernet (not shown)

Do you have a plot of drift in yaw vs time when sitting still? Are you planning on testing this on a mobile platform?

Second plot is yaw over time. In 85 seconds the min was -10.2545291 and max was -10.04096214

Arduino library for the MPU6050

The point was mostly about the ethernet being viable. If the gyro isnt good enough a different one can be used.

coap is UDP and each request/response fits within an ethernet frame.

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