ESPN & BattleBots: Gearing Up For College And Pro Competitions

Most won’t care, but for those that would, here’s some interesting news.

ESPN has made BattleBots an offer: BattleBots will hold a Collegiate BattleBots Championship, featuring robots built by students enrolled in institutions of Higher Education. The Collegiate BattleBots competition will air as a series on ESPNU and ESPN2. This competition will be open to Colleges and Universities, and Student Teams who are enrolled in institutions of Higher Education. This will be a middleweight (120 pound) competition as governed under the current BattleBots rule set – But, BattleBots is allowing an additional 40 pounds to be added as bonus weight, thus making the total weight 160 pounds! So get creative.

We would like to film this competition in the San Francisco Bay Area as soon a June 2008, but we need your input before any final dates are set. See questions below.

Lots more info at the link, but this’ll keep the post from getting massive.

I want to make one! Where do I sign up?!?!

You mentioned a link… where is it? :confused:

I hope it’s more organized than the one I went to a couple of years ago with Greg. It was really disjointed and came off as more of an exhibition. Considering that I paid $22 to attend that wasn’t so great.

Ed, the event in rochester actually was an exhibition, the tool and die administration paid BB to put on a show. As for this one it is a return to the roots of televised robot combat. I have already started sketching some ideas for Tetracide 2 (faster, more powerful, etc)…

The event is going to be sometime in the june-july time frame, good thing I didn’t work with a team this year because now I have my own 16week build period

$22 for an exhibition is a bit much. So what weight class is 220 lbs?


Sounds like fun.

Hrmm, I’ve always wanted to do one of these competitions, and its in the summer so thats nice. I attended a BB competition about a year ago and to be honest, it was kind of boring.

There was one fantastic crash and then the bot was disabled and as they say in the south “Dun fur” It definitely would be fun to get some college guys together to do this tho.

Holy smoke, yeah this sounds pretty interesting. I’m sure we could get a team or two together from Indiana :slight_smile:

That does sound pretty cool id like to be on a team (bo was here)

Too bad it’s only for college teams, as my team is in the SF Bay Area and we usually don’t do much with our old robots anyway… :yikes:

So…I might be able to drive a robot again…interesting…:smiley:

I just read the rules, and was trying to think of a design I’d be okay with building, and then came to the realization - the point of this competition is to HURT other robots :ahh: The thought of destroying any robot is just…depressing :frowning:

Well, you can think about i differently.

When I design for robot combat, I think of trying to make the most durable machine I can (on top of the usual ease of manufacturing, cost, good practices, etc…) because I want my skills tested. Now, to get those tested, the other guy has to be able to lay some smack down; so, he’s expecting me to return the favor. :wink:

But, I can admit, It’s also nice to see some good robot on robot combat sometimes.

How much is it to register for one of these competitions?

using past events as a reference ~$200

although if you are worried about that cost I would suggest skipping it. I would bet that most people with a bunch of FIRST stuff lying around would still need to invest $1500-2500 min to have a competitive machine.

UCF Team built theirs for a few hundred at the college BBIQ comp I went to last year, but granted they didn’t do all that great they basically designed a bot to only beat the #1 bot ( a cow catch that avoided being hit by the spinning blades of their opponent ) they just pushed their opponents into the hazards.

Its much harder however if you can’t use good materials.

An update for everyone was posted a few days ago:

For the college students, this is some good news:

We didn’t think we’d be able to pull together the people to do this having just come from Atlanta, but now we can work on it over the summer and into the fall semester.

I remember going to BattleBots when it was in Las Vegas a few years ago, didnt know it was still around.