Essential Travel Items: What to bring to a FIRST event

So far I’ve got:

Clothes for x days
Allen Wrenches
Camera Charger
Cell Phone
Cell Phone charger
iPaq Charger
Safety Glasses
Zip Ties
LCD Projector - (Thank you dillard high school ;))
Laptop Charger

zip ties
duct tape
ramen noodles for the in room coffee pots

playstation 2

Page 6 of “Section 10- At The Events” of this years rulebook.
This list provides suggested items your team may want to / must bring. Replenish items between events.
SAFETY GLASSES are required. Bring
enough for all team members/your visitors
– Adjustable crescent wrench
– Allen wrenches
– Ball driver set / Nut driver set
– Batteries and Charger
– Box cutter
– C-Clamp, large, medium, small
– Cutters
– De-burring tool
– Dremel tool/accessories
– Drill bit set
– Drill - cordless w/charger
– Duct tape
– Electrical tape
– Flashlight
– Flat Screwdriver, large - medium - small
– Hack saw and blades
– Hammer (ball peen & brass)
– Heat gun
– “Leatherman” tool
– Level, small
– Lithium grease, spray can
– Lock tight
– Magnet on a stick
– Needle nose pliers - medium, small
– Open end and boxed end wrenches
– Paint brush
– Phillips Screwdriver, medium - small
– Pliers, - large, small
– Power Outlet Strip / Extension cord (2)
– Power Screwdriver
– Saber Saw/wood & metal blades
– Sandpaper - various grits
– Screws - nuts - washers
– Shrink tubing
– Socket set - ¼", 3/8" drive
– Soldering iron, solder, solder wick, flux
– Spare parts
– Super glue / stick glue
– Square - small, medium
– Tap & die set/assorted taps
– Tape measure / ruler
– Tie Wraps / Connectors
– Tin snips
– Tweezers / scissors
– Vice grip - large, small
– Volt meter
– WD-40 / Lithium grease, spray can
– Wire terminal crimpers / Wire strippers
– X-Acto knife and blades
– Release Forms for all team members!
– Banner / Corp. signs & flags
– Cart for robot
– Clock
– Dirt Devil - vacuum
– Disposable camera / extra film
– Drop light
– Epoxy
– File folder box for paperwork
– Hand truck
– Laptop / software / cables / floppies
– Medical Release Forms
– Message Board - dry erase marker set
– Notepads / spiral notebook / clipboard
– Paper / Post It Notes
– Paper towels / rags
– Pens / pencils / sharpies / markers
– Pit station monitor / clean up schedule
– Portable printer
– Registration Papers - completed release forms
– Rubber bands
– Rule Book and updates
– Schedule to set up and break down pit station
– Small broom
– Small foldable seats
– Small trash can, trash bags
– Spray cleaner
– Stapler / staples
– Storage box - trinkets & trash (buttons)
– Tape: Clear / masking / duct
– Team roster
– Upright storage bins
– Water cooler / cups or water bottles
– Ziploc bags
– 1st Aid Kit
– Advil / Aspirin / Tylenol
– Alcohol Prep Pads / 3M First Aid tape
– Band-Aids / Blister kit / Ice Bag
– Cough drops / sore throat medicine
– Extra - toothbrushes / hairbrushes / combs
– Extra - travel size deodorant/razors
– Eye wash and drops
– Hand sanitizer / Liquid Soap
– Feminine products
– Insect sting medicine / OFF spray
– Kleenex / Cotton Balls / Wet ones / Q-Tips
– Neosporin
– Pepto-Bismol / Imodium AD
– Small Sewing Kit
– Sunscreen / Sunburn Spray / Aloe Vera

We cannot forget one essential item,
Gracious Professionalism

Muwhaha, this thread was the best idea we’ve ever had on IM Jim, Lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay so here’s my addition:
Cordless Drill
Camera, well come on, you gotta have pics of your bot in action.
Anything to make your hair a different color. (Especially Blue!)
Playstation 2, GameCube, XBox and/or any other videogame platform.
Bathing suit for the pool side.
Uber-cool Saftey glasses. :cool:
Portable CD player with all your favorite CDs for the bus ride.
Stereo for room parties, I mean… Room Parties. :smiley:
Cough Drops, for when you begin to lose your voice by thursday night.
Twizlers!, the (un)official busride snack of FIRST, or at least Cutting Edge.

Well I’ll stop there for now. Every one should add!

-team shirts
-pimp hat for operators!-lol-duel was fun

multiple xboxes and a hub

Money for the wonderful concession(sp?) food. :smiley:
The all important Sharpie

hand sanitizer!

wireless hub and lan cards (hilton has free high speed interenet)
um most important are controls!
my wrist bands (wore teh same ones from 2001…they are lucky)

joy :smiley:

here i go…

Some things that i know that i will need…

  • allen wrenches
  • screwdrivers
  • files
  • bag full of screws… (set screws)…
  • pliers
  • drill… :smiley:
  • deburring tool
  • wire cutters


  • laptop (including charger)
  • ipod (including charger)
  • palm (including charger)
  • cds
  • pain killer
  • gum
  • sharpies

i am packing now… if i can remember that i am forgetting something there is always a button called “edit”… :wink:

Duct tape…gotta have duct tape oh, and your lucky hat too!

Extra Team Shirts to trade - See note below!

Also, Don’t forget those BOM’s and Airbills!!!

An expectation to have fun!!

Don’t forget also some surge strips/extension cords for the limited power supply in the pits!

Deoderant and soap (or dont sit next to me :^)

  • GPS system or a compass. Just in case you get lost :smiley:

magic cards…if you forget them, you will be shunned, lol

Oh, don’t forget your base, because all of it are belong to us

Tether Cords!!!

[not that we forgot ours which resulted in horrible inconvience]

GPS system! Just in case you get lost :smiley:

I guess team 237 will never be lost then…

How about we just bring our own Garmin engineer? He helps a lot in keeping our robot from getting lost…lol…no GPS but he helps a lot in our programming.

And no one has said Mountain Dew, the official (unofficial) soda of FIRST.